Gen 根: A Series of Monologues by Asian American Women Detailing a Journey of 150 Years
  • The photo that reclaimed AAPI history in America.

  • Modern dance and multicultural theater

  • "We need more shows like this" - Greg Choy

  • “Where are your roots? Here are ours." - Wan Zhao

  • "A combination of theater, dance, and photography.” - Bob Lee

  • Modern profiles of Asian Americans

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Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA) Presents Gen 根

“I have never seen this combination of theater, dance, acting, and photography.”
- Bob Lee, May 4th, 2014

        Conceived & Directed by Wan Zhao
        "Where are your roots? Here are ours. Performance inspired by Stories of Asian Americans. 

        Show Dates

        • Thursday June 12, 8PM
        • Friday June 13, 8:00PM
        • Saturday June 14, 8:00PM
        • Sunday June 15, 2014, 2:00PM
        • 440 STUDIOS: 440 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

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        What Is Gen?

        Gen, the Root. Gen is a devised, contemporary art performance piece. It is an interdisciplinary performance by bringing poetry, dance, music, visual arts, and multimedia through stories of Asians’ journey and life living in America. This show will be a journey through history of ancestors starting from today in the 2014 all the way back to the first Chinese arrived in America in 1840s. It’s being told from four Asian woman’s emotional expression and perspective in their normal day-to-day life. Poems and songs from the work Yellow Pearl will be interjected and weaved into the stories of the women in a way that hopefully can be related by audiences as they learn the story of each woman.